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What is a Contact Lens Evaluation?

During a contact lens exam, your doctor will evaluate the size and shape of your eye to find a lens that fits your eye properly. The doctor may also check for any eye health issues that could affect contact lens comfort.

Specifically, an eye exam for contacts will include:

  • Cornea measurements so your doctor can determine the proper curve and size of your contact lenses. If your eye’s surface is irregular because of astigmatism, you may need a toric contact lens (a lens shaped to offset distortions of your eye and provide sharper vision).
  • Pupil and iris measurements so your doctor can choose contacts that fit well on your eyes.
  • Tear film evaluation to determine if you have a severe dry eye condition. If so, your doctor may recommend special contact lenses for dry eyes.

Once these tests are complete, your doctor will likely ask you to try on several different brands of contacts to determine which ones feel most comfortable. After finding contact lenses that fit properly, are comfortable, and provide proper vision, your doctor can write your contact lens prescription.

This prescription will designate contact lens power, a base curve (a shape matching the curvature of your eye) and diameter.